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Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council

Who We Are

Girl Scouts’ mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place, and our vision is to close the gender disparity in leadership and build girls who are equipped to succeed in an increasingly global, competitive society. 

Girl Scouts delivers the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the premier leadership development program for girls, to equip them to achieve academic, emotional, and social success and reach their greatest potential.  All of our work in the community is framed by the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with three core components: girls discover their interests and skills, connect with the world around them, and take action to make their communities a better place. 

Research demonstrates that young women lack the mentorship needed to overcome barriers to achieving personal and professional leadership, and Girl Scouts delivers comprehensive skill-building programs in an all-girl, cooperative environment to meet this need.  Girl Scouts is the largest girls’ organization in the world and serves girls in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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What We Do

Today’s Girl Scouting offers comprehensive out-of-school-time programming that allows girls to discover a wide variety of interests while developing their leadership capacity to make a difference in the world.  Girl Scout programs are currently delivered through five pathways designed to reach more girls with Scouting and engage them over the longest duration. Girls may participate in all or one pathway in a program year. The five pathways are: 

Camp:  Throughout the year, girls attend camp for the day or weekend at one of GSSJC’s 10 camp properties. Over the summer we offer summer resident camp on many topics and varying lengths with something to interest every girl. We also offer day camp and evening, or “twilight,” camp on both Council and non-Council properties in our service area throughout the year. The camp pathway offers girls the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and an appreciation for the outdoors through a variety of activities and fields of study including canoeing, equitation, sailing, astronomy, archery, hiking, meteorology, outdoor cooking, etc. Connecting modern girls to nature overcomes society’s technology reliance and develops interpersonal skills and self-sufficiency. 

Event: Girls participate in one-time events on a wide range of subjects that include career exploration days, engineering and science day, forensic weekend, girls exploring math and science day, and health and safety weekend to name a few. A primary goal of the Girl Scout Movement is to close the gender gap in leadership, and our programs are designed to empower more young women to enter STEM fields academically and professionally.  

Series:  Girls participate in an ongoing series of programs with the same group of girls on a specific theme. Series topics include robotics, aviation, science, astronomy, environmental conservation, choir, relational aggression, backpacking, dance, equitation, and sailing to name a few. Typically a series provides opportunities for girls to progress in their skill building or leadership development as they increase their mastery of the area of focus. Our series offerings also allow girls to build relationships with others from diverse backgrounds who may not be a part of their immediate social circle. 

Travel: Girls discover new things about themselves, develop self-confidence, and learn leadership skills by planning, earning money, and venturing to other countries or parts of the United States.  Girls connect and make lifelong friends – not only with the girls they travel with, but new girls they meet along their travels.  As girls gain cultural insight, an appreciation for differences and similarities, and a broadened perspective, they become challenged to take action in new ways. GSSJC provides travel scholarships to qualifying individual girls to give all girls who want to participate the opportunity to do so.  

Troops: In our traditional Girl Scout model, girls participate in a series of programs with the same group or troop of girls led by a volunteer troop leader over the course of an academic year. Troop is the preferred pathway for younger girls, and it provides the opportunity to explore a variety of activities and development with the same group of friends over a longer duration. Girls learn to set goals, help each other learn new things, and complete projects together as a group in the midst of the various troop-based programs.

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Contact Information

Address Information
3110 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77098
Office Hours: Council Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mon-Fri)
Contact: Wendy Baca
Contact Title: Development Manager
Phone: 713-292-0300
Fax: 713-292-0335
Email: wbaca@sjgs.org

Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council serves 26 counties in Southeast Texas, including Matagorda County.  Girls and volunteers are able to access Girl Scout information 24/7 through gssjc.org.  Service centers provide easy access to Girl Scout services.  The closest locations are in Lake Jackson and Stafford.  Addresses are available on our website.

Girl Scout programs at held locally with community partners, including school and religious organizations. To discover the location nearest you, please contact customerservice@sjgs.org.

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